С Днем Рождения, Михаил Афанасьевич!

27 марта 2011 г.

6 films in 1 box for Bulgakov's 120 years

On May 15, 2011, we will celebrate the 120th birthday of Mikhail Afanasye-vich Bulgakov. To commemorate this event, we have compiled a special DVD box. It contains eight DVDs with 6 movies and TV series based on The Master and Margarita, some of which were never previously released. Some movies are old and weathered, others are brand new. Most films are subtitled in English, some even in multiple languages​​. This box set is good for 24 hours of movies .

The normal price of this DVD box is 89.99 €, but to celebrate the Bulgakov's 120th birthday, there are special conditions.

Birthday offer

We will release the DVD box on the 14th day of the spring month of Nisan - which is the day on which the story of The Master and Margarita begins, and which falls on April 18 this year. From that date on, and until the day of Bul-gakov's 120th birthday on May 15, 2011 the DVD box will cost 79.99 €.

But if you want to reserve your copy now, we add an additional offer to it. Those who order before April 18, get an extra pre-order discount. Until that day you pay only 69.99 €. Pre-orders will be shipped on April 18.

The Master and Margarita Collection

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