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Many thanks to the many visitors who have explored this website to find the questions and the correct answers in our anniversary contest. Finding the questions wasn't too difficult. But I'm a little disappointed by your answers. I thought it would be a piece of cake, since all correct answers could be found on the pages where the questions were. Even so, only 33.5% of the participants managed to correctly answer all questions.

The correct answers

Question 1 What is the name of this café on Malaya Bronnaya ulitsa 28?
Answer Café Margarita

The Pavilion is a restaurant on the bank of the Patriarch's Ponds, and The Fagott Bar doesn't exist, as far as I know. All participants knew that the cafe on Malaya Bronnaya ulitsa 28 in Moscow is the Café Margarita.

Question 2 Which famous Russian writer was dead according to Sofya Pavlovna ?
Answer Dostoevsky

Almost every participant knew it cound not be Mayakovsky, but still quite some people thought that citizeness Sofya Pavlovna was talking about Gogol when Koroviev and Behemoth visited the Writers' House Griboedov. But no, Sofya Pavlovna said that Dostoevsky was dead, which immediately made Behemoth shout that Dostoevsky is immortal.

Question 3 What was Elena Sergeevna’s maiden name ?
Answer Elena Sergeevna Nyurenberg

Here many participants were wrong. Almost everyone knew it was not Belozerskaya. That was the name of Lyubov, the second wife of Bulgakov. But many participants thought it was Shilovskaya. The thing is, Elena Sergeevna wore that name when she met Bulgakov, but that was not her original maiden name. She had assumed that name in 1920 when she married army officer Yevgeny Alexandrovich Shilovsky. But her maiden name was Elena Sergeevna Nyurenberg.

Question 4 Which film of the Master & Margarita Collection Box is not based on The Master and Margarita ?
Answer A Dog's Heart

Piece of cake, this question. With the exception of one participant, everyone knew that The White Guard and The Flight are not included in the Master & Margarita Collection Box. The film A Dog's Heart is included, and this film is obviously not based on The Master and Margarita.

Question 5 What was the room number of Bezdomny’s neighbour in the hospital ?
Answer 118

Room 120 had received an occupant who kept asking to be given back his head. That was Bengalsky, the ceremony master of the Variety Theatre. And in room 119 was "a fat man with the purple physiognomy", which was Nikanor Ivanovich. Ivan Bezdomny himself was in room 117. The neighbor who "had just passed away", the Master, stayed in room 118. Which is why Bezdomny said to Praskovya Fyodorovna: "You'd better tell me what just happened in room one-eighteen".

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