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It took some time before we could process all results of our anniversary contest. Not only because of the number of participants - 862 people sent us valid forms - but also because we wanted to clear an issue with the subsidiary question.

The subsidiary question raised a discussion indeed, and we do not want to try to escape from it. As a reference point, we mentioned August 26, 2011, the day on which our website counter had registered 2,000,000 visitors, and we asked what the counter would be on November 4, 2011 at 24:00 CEST. The correct answer was 2,121,724. Most participants guessed a number more or less close to this.

Some clever participants, however, indicated that the counter we specified, displays the number of page views, and not the number of unique visitors. The latter number was 822,753 on November 4, 2011 at 24:00 CEST.

After having discussed the issue with the sponsor of the prize, we decided to offer two trips to Moscow: one for the participant who was closest to the number of page views, and another one for the participant who was closest to the number of unique visitors.

So, next summer we will not only organise a trip to Moscow for Manuel Martín from Barcelona, Spain, who predicted 2,121,702 visitors, but also one for a certain Emil, who is living or residing in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, and who had expected 823,333 visitors. Emil forgot to give us his family name though. Fortunately, we have his e-mail address. Congratulations to both winners!

We also ordered 175 sets of postcards to our printing company, in order to send one to each fifth participant. We were promised that we could ship them around November 20, 2011.

And now our anniversary is really over. We can again concentrate on expanding and improving the website. But not without thanking you all once more for your participation.

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