Bulgakov house destroyed

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December 24, 2006

The archives and the childrens' theater of the Bulgakov house, one of the two competing musea dedicated to Mikhail Bulgakov on Bolshaya Sadova-ya ulitsa no. 10 in Moscow, was largely destroyed by a religious fanatic on December 22.

Alexander Aleksandrovich Morozov, a bitter critic of the work of Mikhail Bulgakov, which he condemned as Satanic, broke into the museum and demanded that it be evicted. The man threw many objects out of the win-dow, including valuable illustrations of Bulgakov’s works, signed by great Russian artists, not to mention several computers. About half the contents was damaged.

Morozov considered his act as a kind of exorcism. Since many years Satan fighter Alexander Morozov conducts on his own a bizarre and persistent hate campaign against Bulgakov's memory. Morozov, who claims to live in an apartment at the second floor of the building, has been campaigning for years against of the presence of a museum. It must have been hard for him seeing that now there are two museums situated in Bulgakov's former Moscow residence on Bolshaya Sadovaya. But in relaity, Morozov doens'nt live on Bolshaya Sadovaya. You can read more about this when following the link hereunder.

In 2004 already Morozov organized a successful protest by local people a-gainst the construction of a monument to Mikhail Bulgakov at the Patriarch's Ponds.

The Orthodox church is focussing its critics on Bulgakov since a long time already. The church condemns his work and considers it as "the gospel according to Satan".