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January 31, 2011

The Master and Margarita are still alive. Every day we discover new things related to Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel. So we could add some new pages to the website again the last few days.

Patti Smith about The Master and Margarita

In Bookworm, a nationally syndicated radio program about books and literature in the USA, rock singer, poet and writer Patti Smith speaks with Michael Silverblatt of her unbounded appetite for creativity and about how The Master and Margarita made her go to Moscow.

Click here to listen to Patti Smith

Unique living dolls

The Moscow doll maker Elena Kunina made a series of puppet characters from The Master and Margarita. All her dolls are unique and made of polymer clay.

Click here to discover the work of Elena Kunina

Pilatus und Andere

And finally we found a complete version of the film Pilatus und Andere by the Polish director Andrzej Wajda, telling the biblical story of The Master and Margarita in a contemporary setting. It’s dubbed in Russian though.

Click here for view ‘Pilatus und Andere’

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