Calling Koroviev

February 1, 2011

The Bulgakov House at Sadovaya no. 10 in Moscow installed three tra-ditional telephones from the 30’s from which the visitors can call their favo-rite characters from The Master and Margarita. In a notebook from the type you always found next to a phone at that time, you can find the numbers of the poet Ivan Bezdomny, the vampire Hella, translator and regent Koroviev, theater administrator Varenukha, the cat Behemoth, and the representative of dark forces Professor Woland.

The museum staff warns the callers that the heroes of Bulgakov can be very abrupt in their communication and a conversation with them can have a very unexpected end. The cat Behemoth, for example, first tries to explain that the cat - an ancient and inviolable animal - has the right to gild his mustache. The visitor who doubts it runs the risk to get a reply like “Get lost, asshole!”.

These phones can also call the stand with the sign Beer and Soft Drinks to inquire whether there is Narzan mineral water available, or to send a super-lightning telegram to the Variety Theatre.

The staff of the Bulgakov House advises the visitors to be extremely careful, since the impact of this invention to the man in the street has not yet been scientifically studied.

The voices of the characters are from actors of the theater Бу (Boo), which has its home base at the Bulgakov House.

Calling Koroviev

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