Sketches by Sergey Alimov

February 14, 2011

Sergey Aleksandrovich Alimov was born in 1938 in Moscow and gradu-ated from the VGIK or the Gerasimov State University For Cinematography in Moscow, he received a doctorate with the animated movie История од-ного преступления (Istoriya odnovo prestupleniy) or a History of a Crime. Afterwards, he made many animated films and won several international awards. He was also secretary of the Union of Artists of the USSR and a professor at the VGIK.

In 1975 he started an ambitious project to make a black and white anima-ted film of The Master and Margarita. But the project was rejected by the then Госкино (Goskino) or National Committee for Cinematography. Ali-mov, however, kept some sketches he made for his project, some of which are very popular on Internet blogs nowadays.

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