Harry Potter meets Behemoth

February 10, 2012

Previously, you could read on this website that The Master and Margarita is the favorite book of Daniel Radcliffe, the popular Harry Potter actor. This week, Radcliffe was in Moscow to promote his new film Woman in Black, and of course he took the opportunity to pay a visit to the Patriarch's Ponds and the Bulgakov House at Bolshaya Sadovaya ulitsa number 302-bis.

In the Bulgekov House, Radcliffe got ​​acquainted with the decapitated Misha Berlioz and of course the one and only real Behemoth. He also learned to operate a primus.

Radcliffe said that he would be delighted to play a role in a film adaptation of The Master and Margarita. We are curious what producer Scott Steindorf would think about that. On the Facebook fanpage of this website was already suggested to cast him in the role of Behemoth.

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