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July 8, 2014

Just like yesterday, we have added three new English translations of short stories by Mikhail Bulgakov to the website today. This time the translations have been made by Mila Sanina and Michael Wagner in 2011.

Sanina, who is a social media editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Wagner, a researcher in biomedical informatics, met by chance at a cafe. Two years later, they decided to work together to translate 101 short stories by Mikhail Bulgakov in English. Bulgakov published those stories in various magazines and newspapers between November 1919 and March 1926. In December 2011, the results of their work got published under the title Bulgakov's Feuilleton at CreateSpace, the publishing platform of Amazon.

The Moonshine Lake

The Moonshine Lake from 1923 is one of the many short stories in which Bulgakov describes scenes from the infamous flat number 50 of the house on Bolshaya Sadovaya number 10 in Moscow. In this story we get already acquainted with Annushka Goryacheva who lived at number 48 right in front of the author, and who will play a very special role in The Master and Margarita later.

Three Orders of Swinehood

The story Three Orders of Swinehood also plays in Bolshaya Sadovaya number 10 and is primarily a parody of the neighbours. Bulgakov ends the story with the words: "Mikhail Bulgakov. A writer with a wife, childless, non-drinker, looking for a room with a quiet family."

An Assembly to the Skull

In An Assembly to the Skull, Mikhail Bulgakov describes a Soviet smychka - an assembly in which a central party official visits a rural community to link and bond the community to the party and its programs. Grandpa Omelko, who has not understood a word of a visiting official's speech, gets a hard time.

Bulgakov's Feuilleton
Mila Sanina and Michael Wagner
CreateSpace, Scotts Valley, California, 19/12/2011, 394 p.
ISBN 978-1453765265

Click here to read the three stories

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