Musical in Sint Petersburg

August 22, 2014

Eight years ago, the British composer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to make a musical about The Master and Margarita, but he never made it. Earlier this year, the Russian production company Makers Lab announced that they have succeeded where Webber had failed. On September 18, 2014, the musical Master i Margarita will be premiered at the Music Hall in Saint Petersburg.

The announcement is rather self-congratulatory, but we don't really mind about that. After all, it is only meant to lure people to the theatre, isn't it? But many Bulgakov lovers look rather wincingly at the pompous posters of the event, and we have to admit that the megalomania in the announcements goes indeed rather far. Bulgakov appears to have grandchildren, for instance, which is rather amazing for someone who never had any children of his own. Moreover, those grandchildren change names quite easily. And the British Queen seems to have got a personal composer who, strange enough, is unknown at Buckingham Palace.

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Musical Saint Petersburg


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