The Kremlin Troll Factory

April 6, 2015

In 1917, Vladimir Lenin understood that the potential of the film industry would be more important for the state propaganda than any other medium. Nothing has changed ever since. In 2015, Vladimir Putin understands that the potential of the internet is more important for the state propaganda than any other medium. That’s why some 400 clones of Aloisi Mogarych are working 12 hours shifts at the Savushkina ulitsa no. 55 in Saint Petersburg.

Unsuspecting internet users may be surprised by the massive expressions of support or even hagiographies that are posted daily on the social media with relation to Putin. At first sight, it looks like thousands of Russians spontaneously take the time to praise their Great Leader in heaven and are willing to sacrifice their lives for him. But in reality, it's a group of 400 well-paid hacks working in shifts of 12 hours and using various identities, who are writing what they are told.

They are called trolls, and they spread their messages en masse through existing blogs, newsgroups, chat rooms and other social networks. They deliberately give a different turn on the discussions on those forums, often using changing hidden identities. At one moment they act as a housewife who is baking a cake in her kitchen in Ekaterinburg, and two minutes later they pretend to be a truck driver somewhere stuck in traffic between Tver and Moscow. But they are what they are: internet trolls from the Savushkina ulitsa no. 55 in Saint Petersburg who are online the whole day for 40.000 rubles per month.

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The Kremlin trolls

The house of the trolls in Saint Petersburg


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