Short films on The Master and Margarita

April 12, 2015

Today we started a new section on the website with short films based on The Master and Margarita.

Those films were made with limited budgets and consequently with rather limited expectations.

Varvara Faer released her film only in 2005, although she had already made it in 1999 when she was studying for film director at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. She made a contemporary version of the scene with the yellow flowers, in which the master and Margarita meet each other for the first time. Iskender Salimov made a short film based on the opening scene of The Master and Margarita at the Patriarch's Ponds, and SandPro made a sand animation telling the story of The Master and Margarita in a nutshell.

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Short films

Short films


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