Bulgakov Map for smartphones

August 9, 2015

Our regular visitors will know that the house on Bolshaya Sadovaya nr. 10 in Moscow, which plays an important role in The Master and Margarita, is hosting two museums: The Bulgakov House on the ground floor, and the Museum M.A. Bulgakov in apartment 50.

Most of the time, we report on the activities of the Bulgakov House, since they are having more activities than their upstairs neighbours, and they are showing more dynamism, creativeness and charm in what they do. The Museum M.A. Bulgakov, although situated in the original Evil Apartment, still seems to struggle to find its own identity and dynamics. Its website, for instance, is showing a lot of loose pages.

So it is a real pleasure to us that we can announce a nice project of the Museum M.A. Bulgakov now: an app for smartphones called the Bulgakov Map.  

This dynamic sightseeing map is made for people who are interested in Bulgakov's life and work and the incredible facts and fictions woven into the city's fabric. On the app, you can find more than 80 locations connected to the life and work of Mikhail Bulgakov in a map view and a list view. You can switch from one to the other, and from both views you can click through interesting information on the places.

On the museum’s website, we couldn’t find any information on this app, which is not only typical for its marketing practices, but also unfortunate, because it is a smart and easy to handle tool. You need to make some efforts to find the English version though. With the Информация or Information button on the bottom of the landing page, you can find the Настройки or Settings page, where you can change the language. One downside is, however, that the English version contains many blank information pages.

With the following links you can download the app from iTunes and from Google Play.


Bulgakov Map   Bulgakov Map   Bulgakov Map   

Some screenshots of the Bulgakov Map


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