Photo series by Marina Volodko

October 18, 2015

Today we added to the website a photo series based on The Master and Margarita, made by the Russian photographer Marina Volodko.

Marina Volodko is a photographer from Krasnodar, Russian Federation. In 1994, she graduated from the Kuban State Technological University in Krasnodar, and started working as a web designer.

Ten years later, she got a digital camera, and started making studio and wedding photos, and photos for magazines, newspapers and advertisement agencies. Occasionally, she also makes series of photographs with a specific theme, often inspired by works of Russian authors and Dutch painters. In 2013, she made a series of 33 photos inspired by The Master and Margarita.

Click here to watch the photos by Marina Volodko

Marina Volodko

Marina Volodko


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