Comic strip by Nikita Krasnobrishev

April 15, 2017

Today we added to this website a new page on a comic strip inspired by The Master and Margarita, made by Nikita Krasnobrishev, a student of the Moscow School of Economics.

The strip tells the last adventures of Koroviev and Behemoth in Moscow, from the moment that Behemoth is threathened by the NKVD in the apartment number 50, to the last shooting in the restaurant of the writers' house Griboedov.  The title of the comic strip is Дело № 666 [Delo no. 666] or Case no. 666.

Krasnobrishev also made a video game with elements from The Master and Margarita, like Margarita's flight on the broom and Natasha's flight on the hog. You can see images of this game with the following link.

Click here to know more about it and to read the strip


Nikita Krasnobrishev

Koroviev in the strip by Nikita Krasnobrishev


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