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August 17, 2017

«Margarita wakes up in Paris in 2017. Woland keeps her close to him in an apartment in Billancourt, where she lives with Behemoth since the late 30's. The master, obsessed by his novel, wanders around in the Sheol, the place of darkness to which all the dead go. Margarita meets Jesus in the Paris underground, and tells that to Woland during a ball, where the great criminals of the 20th century are present...» And we could go on like this for quite a while.

When you read this, you may think that your webmaster is not feeling well, or that he may have mistakenly tasted a spacecake. None of those things. The above text is a fragment of the announcement of Le maître et Marguerite, a new film that is currently being made in Paris.

The film is a project by Charlotte Waligòra (°1976), art historian and critic, author and director. She obtained her doctorate in the history of modern and contemporary art at the Université Charles de Gaulle in Lille, France, in 2008. She plays Margarita's role herself. The other characters are interpreted by Michel Baibabaeff (Woland), Vadim Essaïan (Behemoth), Hatem Taïeb (Jesus) and Giovanni Marino Luna (the master). The film would be 70 minutes long, but it is not yet known where and when it would be released. We’ll keep you informed, promised!

Charlotte Waligòra   Charlotte Waligòra

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