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March 19, 2009

More new pages were added to the website with information about musical adaptations based on The Master and Margarita.

The Hungarian singer Zsuzsa Koncz recorded the song Margarita on her album Élünk és meghalunk

Link to the pages about Zsuzsa Koncz

The Lawrence Arms from Chicago recorded the song Chapter 13 - The Hero Appears on their album The Greatest Story Ever Told

Link to the pages about The Lawrence Arms

The German composer Rainer Kunad wrote the opera Der Meister und Margarita on a libretto written by Heinz Czechowski.

Link to the page about Rainer Kunad

The Russian composer Sergei Slonimsky wrote the opera Master i Margarita which, after its first performance in 1972, was banned from the stage for seventeen years.

Link to the page about Sergei Slonimsky

The musicologist Siglind Bruhn, researcher at the Institute for the Humanities of the University of Michigan and at the Institut d’esthétique des arts contemporains of the Sorbonne, wrote a comparative study of the opera's of Sergey Slonimsky, York Höller and Rainer Kunad.

Link to Siglind Bruhn's study

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