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Zsuzsa Koncz (°1946) is an Hungarian singer, born in Pély. Her singing career started in 1962 with the band Omega and includes rock, folk, country, pop and chanson. Since the second half of the sixties she performed with the band Illés, and with this band she recorded her first 5 albums. In the eighties she was accompanied by the band Fonograf. In the German speaking world she's also known as Shusha Koncz and Jana Koncz.

Zsuzsa Koncz was never impressed by commercial or political pressure. She was very popular and did not hesitate to sing about politically sensitive themes - sometimes in a hidden way. In 1983 she recorded Karpathyek Lany (The Girl And The Village), about the tragical events during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Her work got many awards in Hungary, and in France she received the highest possible decoration: l’Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur.

On May 1, 2004 she appeared on stage for the concert A Celebration for Everybody in Zittau in Germany, to celebrate the first day of the European Union membership of Hungary and nine other countries.

In 1972 Zsuzsa Koncz recorded the song Margarita, written by Illés Lajos and Bródy János, on her album Élünk és meghalunk. At that time, Hungary belonged to the Eastern Block and it was not obvious to publicly out criticism to the system. The text describes Margarita appearing at the ball of Messire (Woland).

Technical details

Zsuzsa Koncz - Élünk és meghalunk

Élünk és meghalunk (CD)

Levente Szörényi - lead guitars, lead vocals
János Bródy - rhythm guitars, recorder, flute, vocals
Szabolcs Szörényi - bass, vocals
Lajos Illés - vocals, strings, keys
Zoltán Pásztory - drums

Hungaroton-Pepita - SLPX 17452 - 1972
Hungaroton-Gong - SLPM 37603 -1992 and HCD 37603 - 1994

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