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The Russian singer Linda (°1975) was born as Svetlana Geyman in Kentau, Kazakhstan. Her family moved first to Tolyatti near Samara, and later, when she was 13 years old, to Moscow. She already started studying music at high school, and later at the Moscow Music School, although inherently encouraged to go to a law school.

In 1993 she appeared on television for the finale of the song contest Поколение [Pokolenie] or Generation. As a result, she was able to record her first album Песни тибетских лам [Pesni tibetskich lam] or Songs from the Tibetan Lama's in 1994. The critics were mixed in their reviews. On the one hand, they had not a high opinion on Linda's vocal qualities, on the other hand they were impressed by her charisma and energy. It did not stop her from starting playing live concerts in 1995. A series of albums followed, of which were sold more than 3 million copies. Her biggest hit was undoubtedly the number Ворона [Vorona] or The Crow. She was also one of the first Russian artists to penetrate with Russian songs to the U.S. charts of Billboard Magazine and MTV.

In 2010, Linda announced that she and the Greek composer and pianist Stefanos Korkolis would form a new band, which would be called Bloody Faeries. Sometimes she uses the name of Bloody Cherries as well. Anyway, Korkolis and Linda would be working together on a new project which they would present in 2011. Although we never saw it happen, some songs of it are wholly or partially leaked on the Internet. They all have one thing in common: they seem to have been inspired by famous literary works such as The Sleeping Beauty, The Little Prince, Les Miserables and The Master and Margarita.

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    Bloody Faeries - Master i Margarita

Technical details

Bloody Faeries (2011)

Linda Geyman - vocals
Stefanos Korkolis - piano

Not yet released

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