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In popular music there is a whole pleiade of artists who have integrated the story of The Master and Margarita in their musical themes. It is not always clear though whether the artists wanted to express spontaneously and sincerely how the novel had enthused, moved or touched them. Because, sometimes, the commercial intentions are quite obvious. So we dare, for example, seriously doubt the sincerity of the tears of the little starlet Sasha Duma in her song Не плачь, Марго! [Ne plach, Margo] or Don't Cry, Margo.

Although the images of the Soviet Union are blurring more and more in the heads of the Russians, The Master and Margarita still is a widely covered subject and nowadays it's even bon ton to dedicate a song to it. Or a good commercial reflex, since the themes of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel are still very popular in Russia and beyond.

How different it must have been in 1972, when the Hungarian Zsuzsa Koncz recorded her song Margarita. At that time, Hungary belonged to the Eastern Block and it was not obvious to publicly out criticism to the system. The text of the song describes Margarita appearing as a witch at the ball of Messire (Woland).

There's a possibility that I missed some songs. So, if you happen to know about others, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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