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Dimitry Bulgakov (°1982) is, according to his own words, a descendant of the great writer. Anyway, since 1999, he's a successful DJ who gives performances of two to five hours long throughout Russia - St. Petersburg, Moscow, Volgograd, Ryazan.

In the autumn of 2004 he created a musical project in collaboration with the jazz saxophonist Vlad Kolchin. DJ Bulgakov served as percussionist and DJ in this project.

In March 2006, when he was resident DJ of Club Taj Mahal in Saint Petersburg, DJ Bulgakov said he had based himself on the novel of his illustrious namesake to make the CD Master & Margarita. We doubt that he is still in business, since all internet links to his musical projects became inactive.


    DJ Bulgakov - Margarita

A house-cd of Dimitry Bulgakov, who is a self-declared descendant of the author

Technical details

DJ Bulgakov - Master & Margrita

Master & Margarita (2 CD)

DJ Bulgakov

113' 30"

Studio Jet Sound, Saint-Petersburg

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