A new film is being prepared

April 8, 2014

Camera Cagliostro, a Finnish/Czech production company, is preparing its first long-metrage puppet animation, a 80 minutes version of The Master and Margarita. Director will be Katariina Lillqvist, executive producer Viktor Mayer, and the original soundtrack will be composed by Alec Kopyt.

A pilot of five minutes is already available, and four countries are involved in the co-production. Major partner will be Finland, and minor partners are so far Russia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia and France. Negotiations are currently going on also with Poland and Estonia. The premiere is estimated to be in December 2015.

Mistr a Markétka, Katariina Lillqvist

Mistr a Markétka, Katariina Lillqvist

Scenes from Mistr a Markétka - Director: Katariina Lillqvist

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