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The Finnish-born, yet international film co-operative Camera Cagliostro has been producing puppet animations, art documentaries and radio features for over two decades.

Founded by Finnish director Katariina Lillqvist in 1992, Camera Cagliostro was in the beginning concentrating mostly in Czech-Finnish co-productions, naturally in the field of puppet animation as this was the director´s main subject while studying in former Czechoslovakia.

Nowadays, Camera Cagliostro has two headquarters, one in Finland, one in Czech, and a Prague-based independent animation studio with it´s own technics and workshops and regular free-lancers. It also has a share with the Museum of Puppet Arts in Tábor, Southern Bohemia, where the collections of Camera Cagliostro´s film puppets and decorations are exhibited.

Camera Cagliostro is now entering into a new path: the first long-metrage puppet animation, 80 minutes version of The Master and Margarita is on pre-production stage now. Director will be Katariina Lillqvist, executive producer Viktor Mayer, and the original soundtrack will be composed by Alec Kopyt.

Camera Cagliostro is the main producer, the principal partners in the co-production are, the Finnish public television broadcaster Yleisradio (Yle) and the renowned Polish animation studio Se-ma-for. More partners have been found in Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and France.

In June 2014, Katariina Lillqvist informed us that the project is expected to be finished in 2017. A pilot film of five minutes would already be available.

Technical details

In production

Katariina Lillqvist

Viktor Mayer, Camera Cagliostro

Release date
December 2015

80 minutes



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