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It's amazing how many movie adaptations there exist of The  Master and Margarita, and more are coming up.

Some films respect the Bulgakov-tradition: they never found their way to the cinema theatres or got completely lost.

The films of Paul Bryers, Oldřich Daněk and Andrzej Wajda have in common that they are only telling the biblical story of The Master and Margarita. The film by Aleksandar Petrovic is exactly the opposite: the action takes entirely place in Moscow, and the biblical story is hardly mentioned.

Some other directors present a highly idiosyncratic view of the story. Both Giovanni Brancale and Andras Szirtes made their films in a contemporary setting, the first in Florence, the other in New York. Charlotte Waligòra starts her story where the novel ends, and the duo Vladimir Vasilyev and Boris Yermolaev tells the story through an intrigue set in the world of the ballet.

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Not all movies are completely documented. Of some films I have only te technical details. If you know more about them, if you have fragments ore maybe the entire film, please contact me, I will be grateful forever.

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Subtitled films

On demand of many visitors of this website, your webmaster has made English subtitles for various screen adaptations of The Master and Margarita. They are available on DVD in the web shop of this site.

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