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Paul Bryers (°1945) is a writer and filmmaker, specialising in factually-based drama and documentary. He studied at the Southampton University where he took combined honours in modern history, politics and economics. He became a trainee on the IPC journalist’s training scheme and worked on national newspapers in London, Belfast and Dublin before moving into television as a reporter for ITV and then as a free-lance reporter, producer and director, covering conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and South America.

His current work includes the Nathan Peake novels set during the Wars of the French Revolution written under the name Seth Hunter. He was the winner of a British Arts Council Award for Best First Novel and In a Pig’s Ear was named as one of the Guardian’s Six Best Novels of the Year.

Paul Bryers has written and directed many factually-based dramas for television, radio and theatre and adapted and directed films by outstanding playwrights such as Arthur Miller and Mikhail Bulgakov.

Paul Bryers made the TV-film Incident In Judea, which only tells the biblical story of The Master and Margarita. It was broadcast by the British Channel 4 on March 31, 1991. The film was the first real drama Paul Bryers ever directed and he told me it's still one of the best experiences he’s had as a director.

It hasn't been released on DVD or VHS casette, but Paul Bryers could make a copy from the station's archives and gave it to us.

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Paul Bryers

John Woodvine, Mark Rylance, Frank Baker, Jon McKenna, Rosalind Bennett, Lee Montague, Jim Carter, Jason Carter

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98 minutes



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