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Seppo Nyyrö Wallin (1928-2003) was a Finnish tv-director and actor from Tampere (Finland). He studied at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki and got an ASLA-Fulbright grant to learn the then young profession of radio and television work in Great-Brittain and the United States. This way, he became one of the first Finnish directors for television.

In the '60s, he directed, among others, films based on works by Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter and William Sakespeare.

In 1970, Seppo Wallin was asked to direct an episode of the TV series Teatterituokio (Theater Sessions). This series ran on the Finnish television from 1962 to 1982, over 102 episodes. Each month a TV movie was aired. In April 1970, the film Pilatus was scheduled, based on the biblical chapters of The Master and Margarita.

Ulla-Liisa Heino translated the text of Bulgakov from Russian, and Seppo Wallin took care of the script himself, together with Juha Vakkuri. The film was broadcast on March 28, 1970, which makes it the first film adaptation of The Master and Margarita known to us.

Technical details


Seppo Nyyrö Wallin

Hannes Häyrinen (Pilate), Seppo Kolehmainen (Mattew Levi), Lauri Komulainen (Yeshua Ha-Nozri), Leo Lastumäki (Centurion Marcus Ratslayer), Erkki Luomala (Aphranius), Martti Pennanen (Kaifa), Arto Tuominen (Yehuda), Heidi Krohn (Niza)

Release date
March 28, 1970




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