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July 21, 2014

Today we added to the website the result of a painstaking work that has kept us busy for a long time: the complete bibliography of the works written by Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov.

No need to tell us that Bulgakov was a prolific writer. There seemed to be almost no end to our research work. More than once we thought: "Now we've got what we wanted", when we found a new series of stories or feuilletons - today we would say columns - of which we had never heard before.

Aanvankelijk ging alles vlot, omdat we konden putten uit eerder werk van Yves Hamant, professor en onderzoeker aan de Université Paris Ouest, die al in 1970 een Bibliographie de Mihail Bulgakov had gepubliceerd, van Boris Vadimovitsj Sokolov, professor aan de Moskouse Staatsuniversiteit, die in 1998 de Булгаковская энциклопедия (Boelgakov Encyclopedie) heeft samengesteld, en van Maksim Mosjkov, die in 1994 startte, de eerste Russische internet bibliotheek.

At first everything went rather smoothly, because we could draw on earlier work done by Yves Hamant, professor and researcher at the Université Paris Ouest, who had already publish his Bibliographie Mihail Bulgakov in 1970, Boris Vadimovch Sokolov, professor at the Moscow State University, compiled the Булгаковская энциклопедия (Bulgakov Encyclopaedia) in 1998, and Maksim Moshkov, who has started, the first Russian internet library, in 1994.

However, none of them appeared to have listed all of Bulgakov' writings. In part, this is understandable. Indeed, Bulgakov did not always sign his texts by his own name. Especially for his feuilletons in newspapers and magazines he used funny pseudonyms like М. Мишев (M.Misjev), Ф. Икс (F. Iks) or М. Ол-Райт (M. Ol-Rayt), and it was not always clear who was behind these names.

Is our bibliography really complete? Given our experience during the research we don't dare to argue. But it is perhaps the most complete one to date. Judge for yourself...

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Egyptische duisternis  (Aantekeningen van een jonge arts)

Title Illustration of Black as Egypt's Night A Country Doctor's Notebook)
in «Medichinsky rabotnik», July 1926


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