Mikhail Bulgakov 125 years

May 14, 2016

Tomorrow, May 15, 2016, will be the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov. It will not surprise you that this joyous occasion will be celebrated in Moscow.

The Bulgakov House

In the Bulgakov House on Bolshaya Sadovaya, people will already gather at 8:00, when some actors begin by reading The Master and Margarita.

At 12.00, flowers will be laid on the grave of Bulgakov, and at 13.00 the exhibition Manuscripts Don't Burn will be opened. From 14:00 on, you can discover Mikhail Bulgakov's Moscow. Every hour, a walking tour will start, and every two hours a ride on the tram 302-bis. Meanwhile, there are various events in the courtyard of the famous house, including a candlelight dinner at 18:00.

At 19:00 there will be a theatre performance of The Master and Margaritadirected by Sergey Aldonin.

At 20:00, a new theatrical walking tour is presented which will be called At the hour of the hot spring sunset, like the first sentence of The Master and Margarita. At 22:00 it is followed by a show and the cutting of a birthday cake. Finally, at 01.00, a night walk is organized through Mikhail Bulgakov's Moscow.

Click here to read the full programme [ru]

Illustrations by Nikolay Korolev

Still in the Bulgakov House, from May 18 to June 15, you can admire the original artwork made by the Russian illustrator Nikolay Gennadevich Korolev for The Master and Margarita.

Link to the illustrations by Nikolay Korolev [en]

Special stamp

The Ukrainian post office celebrates Bulgakov's birthday by issuing a special stamp. He is accompanied by an envelope, and with some luck it will be sent with a special date stamp.

A Young Doctor's Notebook

The Russian TV channel TV3 celebrates the 125th anniversary of Bulgakov by broadcasting the entire miniseries A Young Doctor's Notebook from the British channel Sky Art, starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Jon Hamm (Mad Men). On 14 and 15 May, from 23:15.

Link to the photos and the trailers [ru]

The Master and Margarita in Baltimore

In the United States, the anniversary of Mikhail Bulgakov does not pass unnoticed neither. On May 19, the Annex Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, starts a series of 15 performances of The Master and Margarita directed by Jacob Budenz.

Click here for more onformation and tickets [en]


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