Book on Bolshaya Sadovaya no. 10

January 17, 2018

Dimitry Oparin, a Russian ethnologist and lecturer at the Faculty of History of the Moscow State University, and also a collaborator of the Museum M.A. Bulgakov in Moscow, has published a book with the title Большая Садовая, 10. История московского дома, рассказанная его жителями or Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10. The history of a house in Moscow, told by its inhabitants about the famous Pigit House in Moscow. For the readers of The Master and Margarita, this house is of course better known with the number 302-bis, the house with The Naughty Apartment.

The book contains not only much interesting information, but also dozens of previously unpublished photos. Alexandra Selivanova, who worked in the house for thirteen years, testifies: «I bought it! My congratulations to Dimitry Oparin, Peter Mansilla and the publishing house. Besides the fact that it contains a mass of previously unpublished photographs and archive material, I also read a lot about residents I told about during my tours as a guide, but of whom I had never seen the faces!»

The book includes a bonus: the first publication of the autobiographical novel The Pigit House by Sophia Tade, about a little girl who lived in the house from 1917 to 1924, in the time that Mikhail Bulgakov lived there too.

With the link below you can download a short preview which has been made available by the publisher.

Download the preview

You can order the complete book directly from the publisher for 990 rubles (14.24 EUR or 17.49 USD). It is also available on other websites, where it is more expensive, though.

Order from the publisher

Dimitri Oparin

Russian, 320 pages
Publisher Kuchkovo Polye
ISBN 978-5-9950-0768-5


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