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Propaganda films

In the heat of the bolshevik revolution in 1917, Vladimir Lenin was asked which propaganda tools would be the most important to the new Soviet regime. He answered that, according to him, the potential of movies just started to manifest itself and that this medium would probably become more important than any other.

And indeed, the Russian cinemas would soon present an abundance of propaganda films, among which many animated movies. Jove Film, an important distributor of Russian animated movies, has collected an important number of Soviet propaganda films on a DVD. It's a collection of two hours of documentary and six hours of animated films.

The collection contains dozens of anti-American, anti-German, anti-British, anti-Japanese, anti-capitalist, anti-Imperialist and pro-communist short animated films produced by the Soviets between 1924 and 1984.

The collection is divided in 4 categories:

* American Imperialists
* Fascist Barbarians
* Capitalist Sharks
* Up to the Splendid Soviet Future: Communism

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