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All over this site you can find many videos and music files. Here you can find them all on one single page. You can use the menu on the right of this page to watch and listen.

First of all you will find a collection of scenes from the novel, seen through the eyes of the various directors who ever dared to make a film version of The Master and Margarita. Furthermore you will find scenes from other films that illustrate themes from the novel, along with authentic news item from the time of Bulgakov. But also more recent broadcasts, as The Master and Margarita is still often hot news, even more than seventy years after it was written.

The categories in the menu on the right of this page are only a selection of quirky video fragments on this website. Because we also have many video clips of songs, inspired by the novel. Or video cams of places in Moscow. And much more. A complete list of all the fragments can be found in the Video Sitemap.

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What the music is concerned, you'll find here an overview of the musical works which Bulgakov described himself in The Master and Margarita. As if he wanted to determine the soundtrack for possible screen adaptations himself. You will also find links to many artists who have drawn inspiration in the novel.

We also created a separate Audio Sitemap for the audio clips, in order to enable you to easily find the more than 150 songs, operas, musicals, ballets and soundtracks on this website.

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Other media

We further grouped all the theatre clips and audio recordings of poems which you can find on this website, and all other media applications, including several animated presentations.

media practical

The video fragments on this website are made with Adobe's Flash technology. When you want to see them you will need a Flash plug-in. If you don't have it yet, you can download and install it by clicking the Flash Player logo hereunder. The plug-in is free and the installation is a matter of just a few seconds.

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