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At the east side of the picturesque Patriarch's Pond, the front door of this small, intimate café is marked by a colourful mural, depicting a scene from The Master and Margarita. This has long been a favourite with tourists and locals. The food is somewhat overpriced, but the different sorts of blini's (pancakes) are worth to try. It's one of the rare «real» café's in the metropole. With Стелла Артуа [Stella Artois], Леф [Leffe] and Хугарден [Hoegaarden] - all produced in my hometown Leuven - as the most popular beers on the menu. The café's decoration is one huge tribute to Bulgakov and Margarita with nicknacks, books, antique furniture, drawings and paintings portraying Margarita's flight on the broom.

There are often life music performances - sometimes by students, sometimes by professional musicians - creating a wonderful, sing-along atmosphere with a repertoire of classical music, Russian folk songs, and popular hits.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya ulitsa no. 28
Telephone: +7 (495) 699-65-34

In the evenenings an extra 100 roubles (2,5 euro) are charged for the music. No credit cards.

Metro: Маяковская (Mayakovskaya)

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