The dancing faun

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Bridgette Bad    Bridgette Bad    Bridgette Bad   

Bridgette Bad

Bridgette Bad was not only impressed by Anna Kovalchuk who played the role of Margarita in Vladimir Bortko’s film The Master and Margarita, she also was inspired by the forest scene with the dancing faun to create another sculpture based on the novel.

Transparent naiads stopped their round dance over the river and waved weeds at Margarita, and their far-audible greetings moaned across the deserted, greenish bank. Naked witches, jumping from behind the pussy willows, formed a line and began curtseying and making courtly bows.

Someone goat-legged flew up and bent to her hand, spread silk on the grass, inquired whether the queen had had a good swim, and invited her to lie down and rest.

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