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The two most famous black and white illustrators of The Master and Marga-rita are undoubtedly Pavel Orinyansky, born in Ukraine but working in Moscow and New Zealander Charlie Stone.

The works of Stone are appearing in many blogs writing about The Master and Margarita, and at the entrance hall of the Bulgakov House in Bolshaya Sadovaya number 10 in Moscow can be seen a nice selection of life-size prints from the portfolio of Orinyansky.

A special mention deserves Nadya Rusheva. She died at the age of 17 and left more than 10,000 drawings, many of which about themes from The Master and Margarita. Early 2011, the Cultural Center Дом на Патриарших (Dom na Patriarshikh) or the House at the Patriarch's ponds organized a re-trospective exhibition of her drawings.

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