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CD with the complete opera The Master and Margarita written by the Rus-sian composer Aleksandr Gradsky.

Aleksandr Gradsky - The Master and Margarita - Opera

Igor KornelyukSoon we will also offer the opera The Master and Margarita, written by the Russian composer Aleksandr Gradsky. The composer performs the roles of the Master, Yeshua, Woland and Behemoth himself.

CD - 14.99 €  - Will be available soon

Track list

CD 1 - First act, Part 1 (39:25)
CD 2 - First act, Part 2 (26:33)
CD 3 - Second act, Part 1 (50:39)
CD 4 - Second act, Part 2 (1:08:52)

Total time: 185 min. All tracks composed by Aleksandr Gradsky

Technical details

Master i Margarita
4 CD Box

Aleksander Gradsky - The Master, Yeshua, Woland, Behemoth
Elena Minina - Margarita
Nikolay Fomenko - Koroviev
Polita Milyavskaya - Hella
Iosif Kobzon - Joseph Kaifa
Maksim Kutsyerenko - Pontius Pilate
Andrey Makarevich - Fokich Sokov
Aleksander Rozenbaum - Doctor Stravinsky
Maksim Leonidov - Mstislav Lavrovich
Aleksandrov Ensemble
Childrens' choir Mandragora Label Woland & Woland

Woland & Woland

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