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This website regularly receives nice illustrations for the story of The Master and Margarita, generally from young artists. We wanted to support their efforts by making posters of some of those illustrations and offer them for sales in our webshop. The proceeds of the sale went to the artists themselves.

However, we encountered many problems when sending the posters, and therefore felt compelled to stop selling them on this website.

Poster Jamie Whyte

Bulgakov's Moscow
Jamie Whyte

Poster Jamie Whyte

Manuscripts Don't Burn
Ellen Manning


Jamie Whyte

Artist Jamie Whyte from Devon (UK) has carefully read the chapter Places from the novel on this website, and used it to create this unique Moscow map. Koroviev, Behemoth and Azazello show you the places in Moscow where the action of The Master and Margarita is set, from the stranger at the Patriarch's Ponds to the burning apartment number 50.

Ellen Manning

Artist Ellen Manning from Keller, Texas (United States), was impressed by Woland's quote Manuscripts Don't Burn. She made a visually strong black and white impression of Behemoth with the Red Square in the background.

The posters were printed on glossy 135 gr mc Hello Gloss paper, and had exclusively been made for the visitors of this website.

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