Teater Accent - Mästaren och Margarita

November 14, 2009

Theater Accent is a cultural organization in Stockholm, Sweden, which focuses on creating theater and performing arts for young people. Actually, the association does much more than that, because it has a broad range of activities to offer young people to meet the great classics and give them the opportunity to perform their works on stage with an experienced management. There is a wide age spectrum that ranges from 13 to 23 years.  The majority of young people is between 17 and 22 years old. At first it was a youth group that consisted solely of girls. One of their first sets was the musical Annie, played at Gota Lejon. This was followed by a show called Oliver which was played by boys at Östgötateatern. The groups were merged and a performance of West Side Story was the result.    

Theater Accent now rehearses a dramatization of Mästaren och Margarita, a large and ambitious set based on Mikhael Bulgakov's novel.

Artistic Director of the production is Linda Krüger, who has her roots in the Royal Dramatic Theater and the Opera House. Besides acting, she has devoted herself to dancing, which is also reflected in the performances, having often an element of musical theater.

About Mästaren och Margarita, Linda Krüger says: “This work has much to tell about our times and the age we live in. The Master and Margarita is my most beloved book. It shows the meeting between the good and evil, both needing each other's existence, as Bugakov said. It also includes philosophical and moral aspects, and you can find a reborn interest in these issues among young people... some works can be played over and over again.”

On 27 November, 2009, Mästaren och Margarita will be premiered in Nacka at Dieselverkstaden.

Marcusplatsen 17
131 34 Nacka

Tel: +46 8 718 82 90
Fax: +46 8 718 82 63

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27 november, 2009 - 19:00
28 november, 2009 - 14:00 and 19:00

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Adults 240 kr.
Youth and students 120 kr.

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Teater Accent

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