Амбициозные серии фотографий

20 января 2011

Photographer Elena Martynyuk is making a series of photographs about The Master and Margarita in collaboration with the Bulgakov House in Moscow.

The project, which started two years ago, is very ambitious: 70 shoots were already organized and more than 1,000 photos were made. There will be a book and an exhibition.

The photos are being made at the locations described in the novel, like the roof of the Pashkov House and, of course, in the Bulgakov House on Sadovaya 302-bis. The scenes of the Variety Theatre were photographed at the Moscow Art Theatre MKhAT, where Bulgakov's pieces were perfor-med and where he also worked himself.

On this page you can already see some photos. Click on the photos to open the gallery. More news will follow.


Elena Martynyuk   Elena Martynyuk   Elena Martynyuk

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