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9 февраля 2011 г.

We added new pages with illustrations of the Master and Margarita to the website with photos by Elena Martynyuk, drawings by Aleksey Derzhavin, and a cute Cyrillic alphabet.

Elena Martynyuk

Elena Martynyuk is a photographer who is making a series of photographs about The Master and Margarita in collaboration with the Bulgakov House in Moscow.

The project, which started two years ago, is very ambitious: 70 shoots were already organized and more than 1,000 photos were made. There will be a book and an exhibition.

Link to the page about Elena Martynyuk

Aleksey Derzhavin

I don't know anything about the illustrator Aleksey Derzhavin. Just that he made a series of at least 31 illustrations for The Master and Margarita, of which some are among the most popular pictures on the internet.

Link to the page about Aleksey Derzhavin


And I found this cute calligraphisch font on the internet. It represents the Cy-rillic alphabet with scenes from The Master and Margarita. Очень приятно, ЖдаНН!

Link to the page about ZhdaNN

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