Плакат Елленом Мэннингом

3 февраля 2013 г.

This website regularly receives nice illustrations for the story of The Master and Margarita, often made by young artists. We want to support their efforts by making posters of some of those illustrations and offer them for sales in our webshop. The proceeds of the sale goes to the artists themselves.

The poster Bulgakov's Moscow by the British artist Jamie Whyte is available on this website since a while already. As from today you can also buy the poster Manuscripts Don't Burn made by the young artist Ellen Manning from Keller, Texas (United States). Ellen was impressed by Woland's famous quote from The Master and Margarita. She made a reamarkable black and white impression of Behemoth with the Red Square in the background.

ISBN 978 9 08185 331 6

Еллен Мэннинг

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