Самый главный человеческий порок

23 июля 2014 г.

William F. Jack is a retired professor of Russian literature from Minnesota, USA, and also the adoptive father of three Russian children. Since some time already, Woland, Yeshua and Pontius Pilate trod upon his life, and he wrote a book about it: The Greatest Human Vice.

The book is about the devil who begins meddling in the life of an American professor of Russian literature who is teaching a novel that deals with black magic. The professor's life is turned upside down. He's forgotten a year of his life. He knows he created a great crime, but what is it? An idiot savant appears at his door, but confuses rather than helps. This satire has a dark underside that deals with questions of fate, love, passion, sex, and gender.

In order to promote his book, the author offers the e-book version for free for a limited time. It can be downloaded from Lulu.com, from iTunes, or from Amazon following the link below.


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