Рок-опера Константином Глазуновом

13 декабря 2015 г.

Today, we added to this website a page on the rock opera Master i Margarita, created by Konstantin Glazunov and Aleksandr Avanesov.

In 2005, Avanesov suggested Glazunov, who graduated at the Moscow University for Nuclear Research in 1999, to create a rock opera based on The Master and Margarita together. The libretto should reflect the novel's story as faithfully as possible. Together, they wrote 25 songs telling the whole story of the novel, from the encounter of Berlioz and Bezdomny with Woland at Patriarch's Ponds to the last flight of demonic suite. The project was developed as a two-hour performance which the creators themselves described as an art rock opera.


Click here to read more about it and to listen to an excerpt

Константин Глазунов

Константин Глазунов


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