Le maître et Marguerite

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Le théâtre du voyageur

The Théâtre du Voyageur was created in 1991 by Chantal Melior, actress and director, and is situated in the building of an old railway station in Asnières-sur-Seine, in the northern part of Paris. The theatre mixes theatre with literature, philosophy and science.

The Théâtre du Voyageur - as the name suggests - travels too, but not always following the classical circuits. They also appear in museums, in railway stations and on trains, in order to get unedited podium experiences by the confrontations with the public. In addition, the theatre organises workshops and trainings in different theatre techniques such as music, dance and singing.

In 2004 the Théâtre du Voyageur created an adaptation of Le Maître et Marguerite, which they played in Asnières-sur-Seine of course, but also in the Théâtre Bernard Blier in Pontarlier and in the Espace Culturel André Malraux in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre.

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