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Early October 2011, the Russian TV channel Telekanal Kultura started the project Academia. "This is a series of lectures by Russian scientists whose work is renowned throughout the world," said Sergey Shumakov, Chief editor of the channel.

For the occasion, the television studio transformed into a small auditorium in which students from leading universities in Moscow take place. The whole is designed as a lecture, on which Shumakov expect the lecturers to share their views on what he calls pertinent scientific and social problems. Each week a different theme will be discussed, spread over four evenings, from Monday to Thursday.

After each lecture, the students ask questions and Shumakov hopes that the answers will enrich the students and perhaps change their lives, and even the lives of ordinary viewers.

I do not know if that will happen, but interesting for us is that in the first week of October 2011 all the focus went to The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Professor Marietta Chudakova held two lectures, Archdeacon Andrey Kuraev and Professor Aleksandr Uzhankov one each. Meanwhile, another talk show was organised in which the principal of the school of the Moscow Art Theatre Anatoly Smelyansky and actor Dmitri Nazarov answered to questions from the audience.

In order to follow the lectures you must understand Russian. We really do not have the resources or the time to subtitle it all.


3 октября 2011 г. - Мариэтта Чудакова a (1)
4 октября 2011 г. - Мариэтта Чудакова (2)
5 октября 2011 г. - Анатолий Смелянский и Дмитрий Назаров
5 октября 2011 г. - Андрей Кураев
6 октября 2011 г. - Александр Ужанков

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