Варвара Фаер - Мастер запятая Маргарита

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Варвара Фаер

Varvara Faer (°18/12/1965), formerly known as Galina Sinkina, was born in Moscow, where she graduated in 1999 as a film director at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow.

For her graduation she made the short film Мастер запятая Маргарита (Master comma Margarita), a contemporary version of the scene with the yellow flowers, in which the master and Margarita meet each other for the first time. Six years later only, in 2005, she would come out with this film to show it at Die 24 Stunden von Nürnberg, an annual short film festival in Germany. A year later the film was also screened at festivals in Riverside (USA), Irpin (Ukraine) and the Hell on Reels festival in New York (USA).

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