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The Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS) is the umbrella orga-nisation that co-ordinates drama across the university of Oxford (United Kingdom). It acts as a principal funding body and is there to guide new-comers into the scene and advise even the most experienced dramatist on his next move.

The Summer Tour is one of the most exciting yearly drama projects supported by OUDS. It begins with an Oxford run in preparation for a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with performances potentially also sche-duled in London. Not only is it a fantastic opportunity for budding young actors, aspiring directors and producers of all ages to get involved in, but it’s also a prestigious venture which enables the university to show off its talent beyond the realm of Oxford and for OUDS to be represented at the cultural mecca that is the Fringe.

This Summer, Oxford University Dramatic Society, to celebrate its 125th An-niversary, is going on tour with an all-new production of The Master and Margarita. The play will be performed for 25 consecutive days, from August 6 to 30.

From a script newly translated by Russian speaking members of the company, this production incorporates a wide range of theatrical traditions, from commedia del'Arte to variety acts, as well as live music and innovative choreography to allow a cast of nine to present this story in a fantastic selection of atmospheric spaces.

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Технические детали

Max Hoehn

Cassie Barraclough - Margarita
Ollo Clark - The Master
Max Hoehn - Woland
David Ralf - Koroviev/Berlioz/Bengalsky
Joe Bayley - Pilate
Jonny McAloon - Yeshua/Clown
Matthew Monaghan - Behemoth the Cat
Raymond Blankenhorn - Ivan/Matthew/Baron Maigel 
Bella Hammad - Natasha/Praskovya/Hella 

Oxford - Catholic Chaplaincy - July 31, 2010
Oxford - Modern Art museum - August 2, 2010
London - Battersea Arts Centre - August 3-4, 2010
Edinburgh - C Soco studio 2a - August 6-30, 2010

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