Freemasonry in The Master and Margarita

June 7, 2016

Today we added to this website a page on the numerous masonic symbols which Mikhail Bulgakov described in The Master and Margarita.

Freemasonry is an internationally widespread, but regionally structured, brotherhood of people seeking «spiritual and moral upliftment», «mutual appreciation» and «mutual aid». The local associations are called lodges, members call themselves lodge brothers. The most famous symbols of Freemasonry known by the general public are the compass and the square.

In 1903, Afanasy Ivanovich Bulgakov (1859-1907), theologian and church historian, and father of Mikhail Afanasievich, had written an article about Modern Freemasonry in its Relationship with the Church and the State, which was published in The Acts of the Theological Academy in Kiev. Perhaps Bulgakov found some of his inspiration in this article.

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Afanasy Ivanovich Bulgakov

Afanasy Ivanovich Bulgakov

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