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Welcome to the shop of the Master & Margarita website. Everything you find here has got a link with The Master and Margarita: subtitled movies, music, e-books, essays and ideas for gifts. You can use the menu on the right to go to our catalogs.

Films and TV-series

Many visitors to this site know Vladimir Bortko's TV series, but can't fully enjoy it, because the official DVD was released only in Russian. Some websites offer a box with English subtitles, but these are, to say the least, not really good.

That's why I subtitled the series myself, not only in English but also in Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian and French. I also subtitled Yuri Kara's film, which was made in 1994, but only officialy released in 2011.


The music catalog includes musical pieces inspired by The Master and Margarita which are hard to find, or which were ne-ver published before on CD. It includes also the soundtrack composed by Igor Kornelyuk for Vladimir Bortko's TV-series.


In the e-books catalog you can find free downloads of stories written by Mikhail Bulgakov, some of which were never publi-shed before. You will also find here the sources consulted by Bulgakov for his research to write The Master and Margarita.

Essays about The Master and Margarita

This catalog includes free downloads of studies, essays and interpretations of The Master and Margarita. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but they can be useful to understand the novel better, or as source material for master papers.

Essays about the Stalin period

This catalog includes free dowbloads of studies, essays, tes-temonies and comments about the period in which Mikhail Bulgakov wrote The Master and Margarita. They can help to understand the satirical aspects of the novel.

Posters, cards and calendars

The artist Arina Gheorghita wanted to support this website by making a series of illustrations of The Master and Margarita, and we used them to make calendars, greeting cards, post-cards, notebooks and even playing cards.


Finally you can also support the website without buying any-thing. You can help to develop this site by making a donation. But I don't want nothing for nothing, so you will be invited to download a small surprise.

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