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Here you can watch an example of the most recent Russian subtitles made by the webmaster of this website for various screen adaptations of works by Mikhail Bulgakov .

The TV-series of Vladimir Bortko

We decided to make subtitles by ourselves since we noticed that various suppliers offered a DVD-set of the TV-series Master i Margarita by Vladimir Bortko with English subtitles on the internet, but the quality of those subtitles is very poor. Many people who bought it were really deceived. Which is a pity, since it was the most successful TV-series ever on the Russian television, but the official distributor didn't bother about subtitling it.

That's why, in 2009, we decided to make subtitles ourselves. And not only in English, but also in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. The complete series is now available on DVD with the choice of 6 subtitles. You can use the link on the right of this page to order the DVD in our Web shop.

The film of Yuri Kara

Yuri Kara's film The Master and Margarita (1994) was for a long time the most discussed but least watched Russian film ever. For 17 years, the film didn't get officially released. There existed bootleg versions of it though, but again without subtitles. In 2011, after 17 years of discussions à la russe, the film was finally released. But it was in a much shorter version and also without subtitles.

So we subtitled both versions of this film. The quality of the images of the long original version from 1994 is not as good as the shorter version from 2011. Yet it is an interesting historical document. The DVD's of both versions with English, French, German and Dutch subtitles are available in the Web shop of this site. You can use the link on the right of this page to order the DVD's.

The TV-series of Maciej Wojtyszko

One of the hidden gems in the area of ​​the film versions of The Master and Margarita is definitely the Polish TV series Mistrz i Malgorzata realized by director Maciej Wojtyszko in 1988, and shown on the Polish TV channel TVP in 1990. Until recently, those who wanted to watch this series could only rely on substandard VHS tapes of poor quality. They were offered on Amazon with vague, blurred images, a poor sound quality and lousy English subtitles. Fortunately, in the autumn of 2014 TVP got quite unexpectedly the idea to release the series on DVD. Your webmaster made subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

The White Guard

In the spring of 2012, the Russian TV channel Rossia 1 broadcast the impressive TV-series The White Guard by director Sergey Snizhkin, based on the eponymous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. The beautiful renderings of some of the best Russian actors bring this series to unprecedented height

A Dog's Heart

On demand of many visitors of this website, we also subtitled A Dog's Heart, another very good film made by Vladimir Bortko and based on a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. This film is available with English, French and Dutch subtitles.


In 2008, film director Aleksey Balabanov made a screen adaptation of the stories which Mikhail Bulgakov wrote about his life as a country doctor in A Young Doctor's Notebook. The film Morphine was never released on DVD, but we could get hold of a copy, and made subtitles for it in English, French and Dutch.

Ivan Vasilievich

In 1973, film director Leonid Gaidai made a screen adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's theatre play Ivan Vasilievich changes professions. Actor Yuri Yakovlev (1928-2013) plays a brilliant double role in it. We made subtitles for it in English, French and Dutch.

The Days of the Turbins

In 1976, film director Vladimir Basov made a screen adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's theatre play The Days of the Turbins. This play was Mikhail Bulgakov's own theatre adaptation of his novel The White Guard. We made subtitles for it in English, French and Dutch.

The Flight

In 1970, film directors Alexander Alov and Vladimir Naumov made a screen adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's theatre play The Flight. One of the most remarkable roles is played by Mikhail Ulyanov, the actor who was also Pontius Pilatus in Yuri Kara's film Master of Margarita. We made subtitles in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and French for this movie.

Cuore di cano

In 1976, eleven years before the novel Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov was published for the first time in the Soviet Union, and twelve years before Vladimir Bortko adapted the story into a highly acclaimed mini-series, the Italian director Alberto Lattuadda had already made a film of it. Cuore di Cane was highly praised for the acting performances. Not only for Max von Sydow as professor Preobrazhensky, but also for the performances of Mario Adorf (Doctor Bormenthal) and Cochi Ponzoni (Bobikov), and certainly for the work of dog trainer Luciano Spinelli, who prepared the dog Whisky to leave an unforgettable mark. We made subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russianfor this movie.

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