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Gleipnir Inc. was the name under which some enthusiastic young people from Baku, Azerbaijan, wanted to start a non-profit organisation to create opportunities for non-commercial audiovisual projects. The goal was to carry out social projects aiming at the development and preservation of the culture in the former Soviet Union republics and satellite states.

In Norse mythology, the Gleipnir was the thin, smooth chain made by the dwarves to bind the mighty wolf Fenrir to a rock. However, the chain seems to be broken now. All links to Gleipnir Inc. on the social media Facebook, Twitter and vKontakte lead to pages which are not updated or which have disappeared into thin air.

A project that was preserved after the disappearance of Gleipnir Inc. was an attempt to get young people to read. Abbas Salimbekov, the creator of the project, had asked director Iskender Salimov to make a short film based on the opening scene of The Master and Margarita at the Patriarch's Ponds.

The film shows how a young lover of classical Russian literature buys The Master and Margarita in a bookshop in Baku, and starts reading it on a bench in the park. While doing this, a scene on the bench next to his shows how thin the line between reality and fiction can be...

Nowadays, both Abbas Salimbekov and Iskender Salimov are working on commercial projects in the audiovisual sector.

Technical details

Short film

Iskender Salimov

Release date

12 ' 18"



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